Each lesson will consist of one or more of the following, based on student needs and/or instructors’s discretion; 

- Vocal Production 
- Body Awareness as pertains to vocal production 
- Vocal Technique 
- Performance/Presentation skills 
- Music Theory 

Emphasis is placed on the singer as a whole - learning to control the vocal instrument by gaining control of the muscles relating to it. Any and every type of music is used in our study of the vocal instrument. Students are encouraged to choose music to study and learn based on their own preferences/needs. 

Payment and Schedules 

Lessons may be booked at alhstudio.appointy.com. Tuition payment is due at the beginning of your lesson.   

A discount is available for those who commit to weekly lessons.   Please contact Alison for details.  

Absence and Cancellation Policy 

A strict 24 hour advanced-notice cancellation policy is in place. If 24 hours notice is not received, the full tuition fee will be due. If I must cancel a lesson due to professional obligations, teacher illness or emergencies on my part, I will arrange to make up that lesson with you at a mutually agreeable time. 


private voice teacher & coach