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I have been taking voice lessons from Alison for over 10 years. I love Alison's technique for teaching voice. It helped me to understand physically how the voice and body work together and how to think mentally about making the sound and where the air should be going. She helped me overcome my fear of high notes and taught me proper warm up techniques. She was especially good at helping solve my trouble spots, which seemed to be different every time ;). With Alison's teaching I was able to join my church choir, then graduate to singing in the worship band, to doing solos's and then becoming a recording artist. She really knows what she is talking about! I am grateful that I found her! Thanks Alison!

- Michelle Lockey

I am a tenor. I took voice lessons as a young man and had some success in theater. After a long hiatus, due to work, family, and some throat problems, I resumed singing a few years ago. I strained to hit top notes and had constant sore throats. I went to see Alison, and she has taught me proper breathing and vocal production techniques -- and a great deal about musicianship. At age 70, I can handle with ease any top notes in my opera, operetta, and choral performances, and am solid in the lower register. And no more sore throats.

- Ed Vilade

The mark of a great teacher is her ability to take a student, regardless of level or talent, and help that student progress to the next level. That is the essence of Alison's gift as I have observed it for almost twenty years. Alison can take anyone, whether they are Broadway bound or just your average shower singer, treat them as valued students with potential, and help them grow using carefully developed safe and healthy methods. 

All three of my children have studied with Alison, and I have also studied with her off and on for many years. I have spent a lot of time in the local youth performing arts community and have known dozens of Alison's students and hundreds of students of other voice teachers. I have recommended Alison to students countless times and have never been disappointed in their progress with her. 

Alison's talents are at their best with new students. Although she is terrific with students of all levels, Alison brings added value to those new to the serious study of voice. Her grasp on the fundamentals and her dedication to instilling those fundamentals elements of technique in her students until they become second nature is a mission she will not compromise to the great benefit of all those fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of her tutelage.


- Robin Cameron

When our daughter was in the fifth grade, she began working with Alison Leadbetter-Hines. She continued studying with Alison for the next seven years, until leaving for college as a vocal performance major. During summer vacations, our daughter has returned to Alison for audition preparation. 

From the very beginning, it was clear that Alison has a wealth of knowledge. Obviously, she is an expert in voice --- the anatomy involved; technique; and performance. In addition, Alison is an expert in “meeting students where they are.” She effectively gears her instruction to each student based on age, maturity, musical interest (from opera, to musical theatre, rock, and more), ability, and goals. 

Alison is tremendously supportive of her students. Whenever possible, she attends their school or community performances. She mentors them through auditions: from selection of appropriate music, to writing a resume, selecting clothing and accessories, and learning how to present themselves professionally. Alison quickly forms an excellent working rapport with her students, making lessons positive learning experiences. Our daughter always looked forward to going for her lesson. 

Well-respected in the local music community, Alison uses her many professional connections to help interested students identify audition and performance opportunities beyond those available at school. 

Many people who have heard our daughter sing have asked us about her training. A number of them began having their children study with Alison, and have told us how happy they (and their children!) are with the experience. 

Finally, on a personal note, Alison is just a pleasure to know! She is a lovely, talented, kind person. We are so happy to know her, and thrilled to have had Alison work with our daughter.

- Dorothy and John Kane 

Alison has given me the solid foundation from which I have built my career as a musical theater performer. She has a great ear and intuitive teaching style. Not only is she excellent at shaping young voices, she is a caring mentor, always at the ready to listen and offer sound advice. I recommend her to anyone with a passion for singing and the guts to make their passion into a career!

Brittany Baratz

Alison Leadbetter-Hines is an incredible voice teacher, friend and human being. Two years ago I had vocal cord issues and at the suggestion of my Ear, Nose and Throat doctor I pursued voice lessons, I had been trained in voice in high school but that was almost 40 years before, I have always loved to sing but I also speak publicly and also teach so my ability to speak was extremely important. I knew a family in Olney, MD where I live whose daughter was pursuing a professional singing career and asked them who they would suggest. That is when I first heard Alison's name. Then I asked three others and she was their first choice. Alison was known by all so either she was the only "gig" in town or she was that good. I found it to be the latter, she IS that good. 

Alison and I hit it off immediately. We had a lot in common, especially an understanding of how the mind and body interact. I am a sport psychologist and what immediately impressed me was Alison's understanding of the psychophysiology of voice. She presented more than how to teach voice. She actually presented how to understand the physiology of the entire voice apparatus and explained it in such a way that I was better able to take control of both the role of the thoracic region in providing airflow, the ability to relax and structure the throat and then open up the oral and nasal regions to ultimately open up my voice. This was never just going through scales and exercises. It was about her teaching me the intimate relationship between all the components of the voice apparatus and how to control it to express speech and ultimately sing again. 

Recently, I asked Alison to come over to assist a friend of mine and I in working out harmonies for a few songs we were working on for an open mic night. She hung with us for a few hours through each of our songs. It was an amazing experience in the interaction amongst the three of us. It was like being in a recording studio working out arrangements to record. It was incredible. Last week, my friend Brad and I did our first open mic night. I wouldn't have done it had I not met and worked with Alison. 

I would highly recommend Alison Leadbetter-Hines. In fact I would go as far as saying that if you are looking for a voice teacher and you didn't go with Alison, you would be doing your vocal cords, voice and singing career an incredible disservice. I am privileged to have worked with Alison and am even more privileged to be able to say she is my friend. 

- Dr. Evan Brody 

private voice teacher & coach
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